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8 Ball Video.     
20 Kisses Video
A Fine Place to Start Video
A Cowboy and a Dancer Video
Af En Af Video
After Five Stomp Video
A New Wind  
Ain`t going down Video
Amame Video
American Kids Video
All You Need Video
All Day Long Video
Arizona Shuffle  
Askin`Questions Video
Bad Moon On The Rise Video
B.B.C. Video
Before Video
Billy B.Bad Video
Bomshel Stomp Video
Black Coffee Video
Black Horse Video
Blinding Lights Video
Blue Moon Party Video
Baby Ride Easy Video
Boat to Liverpool Video
Bop The B. Video
Bruno`s Way Video
Beer for my Horses Video
Butterfly Video
Burning Love Video
Calm After The Storm Video
Cash Back Video
Can`t Say No Video
C.C.S. Video
Cookie ( Paar )  
Canadian Stomp Video
Chattahoochee Video
Chasing down a good time Video
Chill Factor Video
Clickerty Clack Video
Chicken fried stomp Video
Closer Video
Coastin Video
Cabo San Lucas Video
Country 2 Step Video
Cowboy Boogie  
Cowgirls Twist  
Cotton Eyed Mixer  
Country Walkin Video
Crazy Foot Mambo Video
Dancing in the dark Video
Darlene Video
Dig your heels Video
Dizzy Video
Doktor Doktor Video
Done Video
Don`t You Wish Video
Feel the Beat Video
Fishin in the Dark  
Firestorm Video
Eterrnity Video
Fisher`s Hornpipe Video
Get You Feet Down Video
Galway Girl Video
Gone West Video
Grundy Gallop Video
Half Past Tipsy Video
Hearts And Flowers Video
Hey Brother Video
Hey Girl Video
Human Dancer Video
I Wanna Dance Video
I Wanna Marry You  
Irish Stew Video
Jailhouse Creole  
Jambalaya Video
Jolene Jolene Video
Island in the Stream Video
Jigit Up Video
Jubilee Stroll ( Paar ) Video
Just a little love Video
Kid Rock Alabama Video
Kill The Spiders Video
Knee Deep Video
Lonely drum Video
Lousiana Swing Video
Love you in a Barrel Video
JR Video
Life without u Video
Little Tattoo Video
Leaving of Liverpool Video
Mama Maria Video
Mexican Wind Video
Missing Video
Mojo Rhythm Video
M.O.V.E. Video
Nancy Mulligan Video
Not Fair Video
Nothing But You Video
Need You Video
Open Book Video
Open Heart Cowboy Video
Paradise Video
Peace Train Video
Pick A Bale Video
Prayer in C Video
Pretty little Galway Girl Video
Red Solo Cup Video
Red Hot Salsa Video
Reflection Video
Rose Garden Video
Rock Around The Clock Video
Rock Paper Scissors Video
Rollercoaster Video
Rose A Lee Video
Rhyme Or Reason Video
Shania`s Moment Video
Shakatak Video
Shakin Mix Video
Singing The Song Video
Something In The Water Video
So just Dance Dance Dance Video
Spotlight Video
Speak To The Sky Video
Sticks and Stones Video
Sixteen Step ( Paar ) Video
Storm & Stone Video
The World Video
The Gambler Video
The Boat to Liverpool Video
Times Do Change Video
Toes Video
Truck a Truck Video
Travelin Band Video
Tush Push Video
The Flute Video
The Trail Video
Twist & Turns Video
Under The Sun Video
Urban Living Video
Wagon Wheel Rock Video
Walking Away Video
Wave On Wave Video
White Rose Video
Wintergreen Video
Witchdoctor Video
Wishful Thinking Video
Would you go with me Video
You Look Good In My Shirt Video

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